Abyssinian Kittens For Sale 

When looking for Abyssinian Kittens for sale, please make sure you adopt your kitten from an established, responsible, and reputable Abyssinian kittens breeder and cattery like ours. It’s always best to adopt a kitten from an experienced breeder who’s also registered with a well known, regional, or national cat association. We are always available to answer follow up questions on how to build a bond with your newly adopted kitten, pet sit and book vet sessions as you see fit. You’ll absolutely love to hear all the cute tricks your new kitten can learn!


As an intelligent breed, Abyssinian cats are highly perceptive and can be the best friend you could ever hope to have in a pet. Our cattery offers additional services, the likes of spaying or neutering at the new owner’s request.

Once you’ve made up your mind to adopt an Abyssinian kitten for sale, the real fun begins in finding one to love. Just remember, there are several different colors and patterns to choose from, and you’ll probably want more than one of each. Abyssinian cats can vary quite a bit in terms of markings, so you’ll probably want more than one of each type. We have listed, several kittens of different patterns you can chose from. 

Adopting a kitten is an act of love

Our Abyssinian kittens are among some of the most adorable you can ever hope to adopt.


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